How to find Princess Peach in every Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey

***Contains minor story spoilers***

Searching the Super Mario Odyssey Princess Peach locations will help you get some extra Power Moons for 100% completion. After you’ve rescued Peach from Bowser’s clutches and before the ‘I dos’ have been exchanged, Peach decides she needs a well-deserved holiday. She finally gets out of the Mushroom Kingdom on her own terms and she wants you to see what she’s doing on her adventures. In fact, she’s going to tour every single Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey (opens in new tab) with her new bestie Tiara and will be waiting there in a themed outfit to give you a coveted Power Moon. We’ve got all the details on the Super Mario Odyssey Princess Peach locations below!

Cap Kingdom

Princess Peach’s holiday starts in the Cap Kingdom. You’ll find the travelling pair just to the right of the shop here. They’re on their own little platform, all decked out in black. She’ll tell you she wants to ask a dinosaur whether they enjoy basking in the sun, so it’s on to the Cascade Kingdom. 

Cascade Kingdom

In Cascade Kingdom you’ll want to warp up to the Fossil Falls Heights flag and then turn just to the left. Peach and Tiara are here just at the edge of the waterfall, talking about seeing the big ruins in the desert. Next, Sand Kingdom then.

Sand Kingdom

Here you’ll want to warp to the Tostarena Ruins Round Tower flag and then jump into the electricity wire that leads right up to the top of the inverted pyramid. Peach and Tiara are up right on the edge of the wall to your left, tempting fate. They’re babbling on about going somewhere with beautiful flowers, which can only mean one place – the Wooded Kingdom.

Wooded Kingdom

Warp back up to the Secret Flower Field Entrance and then turn right around. Run down to the P button near the kettle robot at the opposite end of the field, and then climb up the timed platforms that appear to reach the Observation Deck. Peach is up here marvelling at the flowers and pondering what there is to see above the clouds. A little jaunt to the Cloud Kingdom anyone? 

Lake Kingdom

Peach doesn’t actually tell you she’s going here but you’ll find her and Tiara where the Broodal boss used to be, talking about the flowers of the Wooded Kingdom. Just head up the platforms at the top of the Plaza and there she is. 

Cloud Kingdom

Because the Cloud Kingdom is pretty self-contained, it’s pretty easy to spot Peach and Tiara on the opposite side of the map as soon as you jump onto the main platform. Head over and she’ll speak of uncharted islands, which can be none other than the Lost Kingdom.

Lost Kingdom

Peach isn’t trying to lose herself in the Lost Kingdom (… get it? No? Never mind.). Instead she’s right up next to the shop. Head up to the Rocky Mountain Summit flag and she’s right there to your right talking of the big city in Metro Kingdom. 

Metro Kingdom

In the Metro Kingdom, teleport to Rooftop Garden and then fling Cappy on the electricity wire that’s right in front of you. Shake extra hard for a secret Moon – and then use the pole to fling yourself up to the next level. Keep jumping up until you reach the roof and there’s Peach and co lamenting an ocean getaway.  Next, Seaside Kingdom.

Snow Kingdom

Peach also makes a cheeky pitstop at the Snow Kingdom, but she’s not going to tell you that. She’s down in the actual town, so warp to Above the Ice Wall, drop down the hole and then run down the hill. Before you hit the steps turn left and Peach is there, talking of Seaside Kingdom and its ocean.

Seaside Kingdom

When you travel back to the Seaside Kingdom, it’s time to propel yourself into the central fountain using one of the four jets to find Peach and Tiara just standing there on the platform – goodness knows how she got there with her suitcase. She’s set her sights on getting a nice meal, so she’s off to the Luncheon Kingdom next.

Luncheon Kingdom 

When you get here launch yourself over to Peronza Plaza. Head through the gathering to the columns, to the right of which is Peach and Tiara. She’s very excited about a big dinner, but she’s already decided she’s off to a place where there’s a constant storm, which just happens to be the Ruined Kingdom.

Ruined Kingdom

To find Peach in the Ruined Kingdom it’s just a case of heading back up to the dragon via the main electricity cable. She’s just to the right of the sleeping beast and is all hyped up about going to Bowser’s Kingdom, or as she calls it, “that castle”. 

Bowser’s Kingdom 

As soon as you get back to Bowser’s Kingdom warp straight to the Souveiner Shop and Peach is just to the left in a rather lovely kimono. Next she’s off to a place beyond the world. Good thing we’ve got Moon access right?

Moon Kingdom 

When you’re on the Moon, warp straight to Ever-After Hill and head around the back of the church. Capture the frog in the top hat and then bounce your way back around to the front again. It’s then just a case of bouncing up the church to the bell at the top, where Peach and Tiara have decided they’ve had enough and are going home. To Mushroom Kingdom!

Mushroom Kingdom 

If you speak to the Toad outside the front entrance to the palace, he’ll tell you that the Princess just went on a holiday and now she’s back. You’ll even get a little shot of where she is now, on a balcony that’s fairly inaccessible. You’ll need to work your way around the edge of the castle, fling Cappy on the scarecrow and then climb the steps that appear. Once you’re on the roof, just drop down to the balcony to chat to Peach for the last time. 

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