Starhawk: Comic-Con trailer shows how cutscenes bleed into gameplay

More eye candy incoming from this year%26rsquo;s Comic-con convention in San Diego, California. Check out this new Starhawk teaser. In particular, developer LightBox Interactive%26rsquo;s president Dylan Jobe wants you to look at how smoothly cutscenes bleed into gameplay. %26ldquo;It%26rsquo;s done with a really great kind of animated %26ldquo;wanted%26rdquo; poster style, punctuated with Rift Energy,%26rdquo; says Jobe in a post on thePlayStation Blog (opens in new tab).

%26ldquo;We%26rsquo;ve also got some really cool tech that seamlessly blends between the animations and the game (as you can see in the video). This makes the solo experience smooth and buttery. We didn%26rsquo;t want any experiential speed bumps in the solo campaign. You can sit down, start the game and smoothly flow from mission to mission with no loading screens!%26rdquo; explains Jobe.

Set on a colony in the future, where miners hunt for Rift Energy instead of gold, Starhawk presents itself as sci-fi Western. Players will take on the role of Emmett Graves, who runs a rift mining farm with his brother until the two find themselves shunned as outcasts when a horrible disaster transforms them into mutants. The spiritual follow-up to 2007%26rsquo;s Warhawk seems to focus more on the game%26rsquo;s singleplayer campaign, but Starhawk will still feature 32 online multiplayer matches.

Above: More new Starhawkimages here

If you%26rsquo;re at Comic-con, head to room 25AB on Sunday, July 24 for the Starhawk panel. LightBox Interactive will share more new videos, art, and will discuss the development team%26rsquo;s creative process from concept to what you%26rsquo;re seeing today.

Jul 27, 2011

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