Star Wars: The Old Republic 1.2 update add new Warzone, Flashpoint, UI fixes

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Today, EA and BioWare announced two bits of information for The Old Republic. The first is a new Friend’s Trial program, which allows any active subscribers to gift a seven-day pass to a friend to try out the first 15 levels of the game. The second, and arguably more awesome part, is the release date for the second major content update to The Old Republic.

Update 1.2, called “Legacy,” will include the first major iteration of the Legacy system, BioWare’s mysterious mechanic that’s said to reward players for playing multiple alts. In a press release, BioWare said that players will be able to link their different characters together into a single family tree, which will supposedly give them the power to unlock and share special Legacy-only abilities.

The exact kinds of abilities is still to be announced, though BioWare did say that it would unlock new species and character customization options, as well as the ability to add an on-board mailbox and Galactic Trade Network to ships. It’s good to hear that the Star Wars universe is finally discovering the internet.

Outside of Legacy updates, 1.2 will also include customizable UI, a new Flashpoint, a new Operation, and a new Warfront. The Flashpoint, entitled “Lost Island,” shockingly doesn’t include a tropical paradise filled with winy LA socialites with daddy issues (we know, we were surprised, too). Instead, it’s a continuation of 1.1’s Kaon Under Siege quest, pitting players against the Rakghoul virus on an island on Ord Mantell. The Operation, entitled “Explosive Conflict,” is set on Denova, pitting eight to 16 players to fight “droids, mercenaries and deadly creatures all fighting for control of the planet and its valuable resources.”

Above: A trailer for the last update’s Flashpoint, which is continued in 1.2

But what might be the most exciting is the new Warzone. Novare Coast is a control point map, where teams of mixed factions battle to control mortal locations to bombard enemy bases. How this is going to be different from the Alderaan Warzone is unknown, though we’re hoping it’s more than a pallet swap.

The update is due out in April, giving you plenty of time to get caught up for the new Flashpoint and Operation. And, you know, to get your character ready for the new PvP arena, where you’ll undoubtedly be destroyed over and over again, because that’s just how MMOs work.

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