Sling TV free trial: how to test the cable-cutting streaming service

Grabbing yourself a Sling TV free trial is one of the easiest ways to test out cutting the cable without dropping access to your favorite channels. Sling TV offers a number of different packages, each with their own channels on offer. However, working out which bundle will work for you is infinitely easier with the help of a trial period. 

Thankfully, Sling TV free trials are regularly available throughout the year, though,  their lengths and other bonuses may change from time to time. You’ll find all the latest information on the current Sling TV free trial on offer right here, as well as a number of other ways to save on this service as well. 

Is there a Sling TV free trial available?

The current Sling TV free trial runs for three days (opens in new tab), and is available for new customers only. However, it’s worth noting that this is a completely free trial – there’s no card information required on sign-up. That means there’s no strings attached to this trial, and it’s available on the Sling TV Orange, Blue, and Orange & Blue packages. 

While a shorter trial than we might have expected back when streaming sites first started popping up, the Sling TV free trial is still a far better offer than its competitors. The HBO Max free trial, for example, has completely dried up – and you won’t find a Disney Plus free trial available right now either.

We’re seeing more and more streaming services dropping free trials from their offerings, so Sling TV is an outlier for offering an introductory period. 

Does the Sling TV free trial ever change?

In the past we’ve seen Sling TV free trials lasting up to 14 days, but that’s been dramatically cut back down to three days for the last few months. Seasonal offers with partners like Verizon also come into play at certain points throughout the year, and we even saw entire months go for free during Black Friday. 

Free trials are quickly becoming a thing of the past in the streaming sphere, however, which means you’re more likely to come across an introductory offer reducing the cost for the first few months of your subscription. We’ve seen up to $25 off your first month in the past, and even entire channels going for free during major sporting events. If you’re keen on cutting costs wherever possible, then, it’s worth keeping a close eye out. 

More ways to save on Sling TV

If you’re interested in pushing your value beyond a trial period, Sling TV does offer a range of different incentives for pre-paying for your first month. These freebies or discounts come in and out of rotation, but right now you can secure a free Chromecast or a range of other networking and streaming devices. 

(opens in new tab)

Sling TV | Chromecast with Google TV | From $35 at Sling (opens in new tab)
You can pick up a free Chromecast streaming device when you prepay for your first month of Sling TV right now. If you’re not interested in the three day Sling TV free trial, this is the best way to save some cash on your streaming.

View Deal (opens in new tab)

What’s on Sling TV?

Sling TV offers a massive range of channels spanning movies, entertainment, sports, and kids. The channel list you pick up will depend, though, on which package you opt for. Sling splits its options into its Blue and Orange packages, with the former coming in slightly cheaper, but the latter catering better to sports fans. 

Overall, Sling TV offers up to 50 channels split into different viewing options. Channels included on both packages include A&E, Comedy Central, AMC, and Vice, but you’ll also find more specialist channels like NFL Network, E!, Bravo, Disney, and National Geographic split between the two plans. 

Both Sling TV Blue and Orange packages come in at $35 per month, so the decision ultimately comes down to the type of content you’re looking to stream – and how many devices you want to do it on. 

However, you can also combine both packages together and add additional channels for extra fees. Not sure which package would suit you best? We’re helping you decide which option to choose with your Sling TV free trial just below. 

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Sling Blue – News and Entertainment | $35 per month at Sling (opens in new tab)
While you’re still getting a solid selection of family channels and the NFL Network with Sling Blue, this package also includes a handful of additional services catered for those after news and entertainment shows. You’re adding Bravo, E!, NBC, National Geographic and more with this package – as well as three streaming screens.

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Sling Orange – Sports and Family | $35 per month at Sling (opens in new tab)
Sling Orange offers up all the base channels that are typically included in both plans, but crucially also adds ESPN and some additional kids channels like the Disney Channel. However, you only have access to one streaming device at a time here.

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Sling Blue & Orange – all of the above | $50 per month at Sling (opens in new tab)
If you don’t want to miss out on anything, you can opt for the all-in Sling Blue & Orange package. On top of all those live channels you’re also getting up to three screens to stream from as well.

Interested in shopping around? We’re explaining everything you get for the Disney Plus price and the HBO Max price as well. Or, for more sports content, check out our guide to ESPN Plus costs

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