Skyrim ships 10M, becomes Steams fastest selling title

Fresh from their big “Game of the Year” win at Spike’s 2011 Video Game Awards, Bethesda and its owners at ZeniMax have announced all-new reasons to bow to the altar of Skyrim. In a statement released this week, the fantasy RPG was celebrated for shipping over 10 million copies and becoming the fastest selling download on Steam.

“We are gratified that Skyrim continues to garner high review scores and accolades around the world,” said Robert Altman, ZeniMax Media Chairman and CEO, predicting, “2012 will be another huge year for our fans, with the release of the Creation Kit, as well as exciting DLC which will add to the richness of this epic adventure.”

Jason Holtman, Valve’s Director of Business Development, confirmed Skyrim’s victory on the company’s digital download service, stating, “Skyrim is the fastest selling title in Steam’s history. Bethesda’s commitment to and understanding of the PC as a gaming platform shows in the great review scores, spectacular launch, and continued high player numbers that Skyrim has received.”

By ZeniMax’s estimations, Skyrim has moved the equivalent of $650 million in sales across all formats since its release on November 11, with the PC version outselling all other titles in its category by three to one in its first month. Taking into account that ZeniMax shipped over 7 million copies in the first few days alone, we expect it will be celebrating the billion-dollar mark soon after the holidays. Who knows, maybe they’ll add a special cake or something in the next patch.

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