Skyrim sex change fixes stuck arrow glitch

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim looks incredible. But if you like storming across Skyrim in the third-person, you may have noticed a small graphical glitch plaguing both PC and console players. When you get hit by an enemy archer, the arrow sometimes gets stuck in your head, chest, back, leg, or bottom. Even after killing the enemy, healing, or sleeping, the arrow remains, making your serious Dragonborn look like a clown.

You could just wait till the next patch. There’s also the chance that the next arrow that hits you will replace the current one, landing in a less embarrassing spot. But if looking good is important to you (and it should be), there’s a quick fix you can do on the PC version of the game to get rid of the stuck arrow problem.

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Just hit the “`” (tilde) key to open the console menu and type in “sexchange.” Your character will switch gender, resetting your character model and eliminating the rogue arrow stuck on your body. Then, you can either type in “sexchange” again to revert back to your former self, or continue adventuring with a brand new gender. Some 360 users have also reported success by playing the game off the disc without installing it to avoid the arrow glitch.

On a related note, the “sexchange” command also lets you abuse the speech perk that gives you better deals when bartering with members of the opposite sex.

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