Shia LaBeouf confirms Indiana Jones 5 in the works

indiana jones

Shia LaBeouf has confirmed during an interview with MTV that a fifth Indiana Jones movie could be in cinemas soon.

While out promoting the third Transformers film, which opens 29 June 2011, LaBeouf said that he’s spoken to Harrison Ford about the project.

“I talked to Harrison. He said he’s staying in the gym,” LaBeouf says. “He said he’s heard no word, but he does know that George [ Lucas ] is out there looking for a MacGuffin [ plot device ].”

“He said he’s staying in the gym, so it means, you know, it’s not so far off.”

The last Indiana Jones movie, The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull , was considered a massive disappointment by fans of the franchise.

It still made over $700m in worldwide ticket sales, though, so it’s a small wonder the Powers That Be want the franchise to continue.

Previously, LaBeouf admitted that Crystal Skull had “dropped the ball”. Hopefully a fifth film can pick it back up again.

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