See almost every fictional hero from the past 20 years recreated as a NES sprite

You ought to visit the Flickr gallery of Ty Lettau, aka SoundofDesign, aka the man whose quiet task over the last few months has been to perform a graphical demake of… well, basically, all of pop culture since before you were born. Starting with the basic sprites for Mario and Mega Man, Lettau’s magnum opus consists of 835 works of pixel-art, between them making credible NES sprites of a widely diverse cast of characters. Spider-man? Yes, of course. Hellraiser’s Pinhead? Why yes. The core cast of The Big Lebowski? Again – look, it’s easier if you just look for yourself.

Doubtless you’ll have your own favorites by the time you’re down browsing: are you the sort who’s more impressed by the cast of Final Fantasy VII, or Ian Holm’s character from Alien (complete with robot-blood, spoiler)? Equally doubtless, a ton of fun will be had pointing out the obscure omissions Lettau’s dared to omit. How could he not make 8-bit avatars of the cast of Seaquest DSV, or the original lineup of Rush? Just be amazed that such a vast bulk of geek-friendly pop culture has been recreated, by one man, using fewer pixels than are contained in one frame of a contemporary HD videogame (do the math, as they say). And what have you been doing in your spare time?

Sep 13, 2011

Source: via Geekologie

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