The Secret Circle: Brittany Robertson Interview Teaser

The Scream 4 and Life Unexpected actress tells us about playing a witch on Kevin Williamson’s new show

There’s a great interview with The Secret Circle star Brittany Robertson in the new issue of SFX (214, out on 21 September) and a great photo too (as you can see below), and to entice you to purchase, here’s an extract:

What can you tell us about your character?

“My character, Cassie Blake, gets thrown into this new town. She knows no one. Her mother’s died. She meets all these new people who ultimately tell her she is a part of this group of witches. Her mother was in this coven, and it’s her birthright to be the new witch of this generation, basically. She gets faced with this power that she’s unsure of, that could ultimately lead to scary things. It’s a little crazy in the pilot. You’re introduced to her at a time when she’s unsure of what’s going on. You get to see her journey a little bit into this world.”

Have they let you know the kind of journey they want your character to take or are you still in the dark?

“No, I have no clue. I’ve sort of been begging: ‘Please just give me, like, a general idea of which way I’m going!’ [Executive producer] Andrew Miller’s been so great, and Kevin says, ‘Look, this is where we hope that you’ll go. This is where we want you to go.’ So that helps as far as my arc goes – ‘Okay, I’m into the magic. No, I’m not into the magic. I like these people. I don’t like these people…’ But at the end of the day, they don’t know what they’re writing until they’re actually writing it. So they can only give you so much insight.”

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