Sadira is a brand new Killer Instinct character

Sadira has been confirmed as the first brand new character for Xbox One launch game Killer Instinct. Boasting Wolverine-style claws which can be used as melee weapons and projectiles, the female fighter was revealed in the new trailer above, courtesy of GameSpot. The trailer also teases the return of Black Orchid.

Last month, Microsoft announced the pricing structure for Killer Instinct. While the title will be free to download and play with one character, Jago, additional fighters will be available for purchase starting at £3.99 each; Sabrewulf, Glacius and Thunder have also been confirmed.

Players hoping to significantly boost the roster will be able to purchase one of two discounted character packs. Priced at £16.99, representing roughly a 50 per cent saving, the Combo Breaker Pack will come with the game’s first eight characters (six at launch, plus two before their official post-launch release). Meanwhile, the £34.99 ‘Ultra Edition’ will include the same characters, fighter accessory packs, costumes and the original Killer Instinct arcade game.

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