Returnal PS5 Trophies have leaked online

Returnal’s Trophies have leaked online ahead of launch later this month.

Earlier today on April 19, PlayStation Trophies and Steam Achievements tracking site (opens in new tab) registered every trophy for upcoming PlayStation exclusive Returnal. In all, there are 31 total Trophies to be earned in Returnal; seven Gold, five Silver, and 18 Bronze.

There aren’t too many story or spoiler details to be gleaned from the leaker Trophies list for Returnal. We previously saw protagonist Selene enter a strange house that definitely didn’t look like it belonged in Returnal’s alien world, and the Trophies list appears to confirm there’ll be multiple house segments spread throughout the game. If the previous gameplay was anything to go by, it seems like we’ll be uncovering a new detail about Selene’s past every time we play through a house-based segment.

Additionally, it looks like Scout Logs will form the backbone of Returnal’s collectibles. One Trophy mentions having to collect 10 such Scout Logs, but it’s anyone’s guess as to what these logs could contain. Could there have been other humans on this alien planet before Selene crash-landed there?

Returnal launches later this month on April 30, as a PS5 exclusive from arcade veterans Housemarque. We already know that the new game will take advantage of the DualSense’s adaptive triggers, letting you toggle between normal and varied firing modes just by pulling the trigger by different amounts. There’s a lot to look forward to in Selene’s life and death adventures on this mysterious planet.

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