Resident Evil 4 VR gets 2021 release window

Oculus Studios and Armature Studio have revealed a 2021 release window for Resident Evil 4 VR as well as numerous other details about the Oculus Quest 2 exclusive.

During the first-ever Oculus Gaming Showcase (opens in new tab) today, Oculus Studios executive producer Ruth Bram confirmed that Resident Evil 4 VR is launching on Oculus Quest 2 “later this year.”

Bram also explained some of the differences between the original 2005 release and the VR version, which is a full remaster. “My colleagues at Oculus Studios are working closely with Armature and Capcom to rework the entire game for VR,” Bram says. “Every corner of the world is being enhanced and remastered to feel fresh and exciting to OGs and to new fans alike, by ratcheting up the suspense as only VR can.”

In total, over 4,500 textures have been repainted or had their resolution increased, but character animations and cutscenes will look the same as they always have, just with improved visual fidelity.

A number of significant design updates have been made to suit the VR format, the most immediately apparent being the new first-person perspective. You’ll also be able to pick up and interact with objects like ammo, keys, and treasures, and switch between weapons simply by grabbing them from your belt rather than navigating a menu (similar to Arizona Sunshine). And yes, that last bit means you can equip a different weapon in each hand.

As with most AAA VR games, you’ll be able to choose whether you want to move around with the analog stick or by teleporting, and you can play the whole game either sitting or standing.

While we wait for Resident Evil 4 VR, check out our guide to the best VR games you can play right now. 

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