The Raid director has released a samurai short and you need to watch it

Every action fan knows the name Gareth Evans. The director, screenwriter, editor, and action choreographer of The Raid movies garnered a huge following thanks to his superb fight scenes. With The Raid 3 still some time off, the director has just released something on YouTube (opens in new tab) which will make the wait all the more bearable. A short film entitled Pre Vis Action full of the well choreographed fights scenes fans have come to expect. Enough talking, watch it now…

The short was originally made as a test action sequence to show the style, rhythm, and choreography of The Raid movies, but I think you’ll agree it’s pretty impressive on its own. The plot synopsis reads: “In a time of civil war, a young warrior is given the task of delivering a treaty between two rival lords. During her journey through the woods however, she finds herself hunted by two assassins intent on intercepting her message of peace in a bid to maintain the fear, instability and violent rule of their leader.”

Shot beautifully and made entirely in-house, it’s easy to see why Gareth Evans has become one of the biggest names in action cinema. His next offering may be a way off, but for now, we can definitely watch this short on repeat.

Images: Gareth Evans

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