PUBG leaker claims a “pure sequel” is in the works

Krafton is currently working on PUBG 2, according to well-known PUBG leaker PlayerIGN (opens in new tab)‘s latest video. 

PlayerIGN claims to have insider sources that have confirmed PUBG 2 is in the works and will be grounded in realism, not a futuristic take on the PUBG format. As we previously reported in January of this year, a Bloomberg report stated another new “PUBG-related” game is set to launch next year, so it could very well be that PUBG 2 is the game in question. 

PlayerIGN also reports that the dev team for the battle royale sequel will be the same team behind PUBG, as well as some new developers who were recruited for their experience working on other battle royale titles. This approach to development is meant to ensure PUBG 2’s gunplay will feel as good as the original title. 

This leak also claims that PUBG 2 will be a battle royale, and that the devs aren’t looking to shake up the game type and instead are making a “pure sequel.” This suggests that it’s separate from the apparently sci-fi project seemingly in the works under PUBG Corp. 

The video doesn’t include any information like a release date, platform, or anything else of the sort, but if it is the same project highlighted by Bloomberg earlier in the year, it could arrive in 2022.

PlayerIGN has been right about PUBG leaks before – including job listings, unreleased skins, and a new map – thanks to data mines and an alleged inside source. However, this most recent PUBG 2 is reportedly the leaker’s last, as they have “moved on.” 

The Callisto Protocol, a survival horror game set in the PUBG universe, is set to release sometime next year as well. If you’re a PUBG fan, 2022 could be a great year.

The Callisto Protocol marks Glen Schofield’s return to survival horror, but it’s so much more than a next-gen Dead Space

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