The terrifying PT-inspired Layers Of Fear is coming to PS4 next month

Want your next terrifying fix of psychological horror? You got it. Layers Of Fear is going from Early Access on PC and Xbox One to PS4 in its complete and horrific form on February 16th. You play as a painter who is obsessed by completing his life’s work but this is sadly at the expense of holding onto his sanity. You explore his house which just happens to be filled with ominous paintings and mysteriously disappearing doors. It’s far smarter than it sounds and you’ll want to pull the old ‘oh I’ll just take one headphone off’ trick almost immediately.

“In creating Layers of Fear, we wanted to bring a new perspective to the horror genre by introducing a lead character whose own world changes around him as he struggles with insanity and loses his grip on reality,” explains Rafal Basaj from devs Bloober Team on the PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab). “Both the fine art surroundings and the painter’s family home, originally sources of inspiration and accomplishment, deteriorate along with the character’s own psyche, representing how madness, obsession, and tragedy can influence one’s mind and cause the player to doubt his or her every step.”

From what I played on PC, it’s a tense and atmospheric thrill-ride and I’m really looking forward to playing this full final version.

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