PS5 disc spinning error noise has seemingly quietened down after the new update

A PS5 error that made discs periodically spin at increased volumes appears to have been addressed in a new software update.

Yesterday, PlayStation released the first major PS5 update, which chiefly enabled PS4 games to be stored on extended storage devices like USB sticks. Now though, users on the PS5 subreddit (opens in new tab) are reporting that an error with the PS5 which made discs spin for no reason has been addressed.

“Yeah it’s really quick and quiet now,” one user wrote. “It sort of starts to spin up, but then stops itself abruptly, and then continues to spin for the same amount of time as before, but at a much much lower spin speed, so it’s nowhere near as noticeable.” Multiple users then replied to this initial comment, sounding off on the disc spinning having significantly reduced noise. Here at GamesRadar+, a number of us have also noted that the disc spinning noise appears to have vanished as well, and it would seem this was remedied by the new software update that was just released yesterday on April 14.

It’s a nice relief that the issue with the PS5‘s disc spinning issue appears to have been sorted out. If you weren’t aware of the error beforehand, the PS5 console would periodically spin any disc inserted in the console, even if it wasn’t in use, making a pretty significant amount of noise while doing so. 

Elsewhere in the newly-released update for the PS5, some 120Hz monitors can now be used in tandem with Sony’s next-gen console. While the patch notes for the PS5 update made sure to mention that not all 120Hz-enabled monitors would function with the PS5, some PC monitors that support 120Hz will now give 120FPS output when used with a PS5. It’s certainly a nice boost to be able to play certain PS5 games at an increased frame rate of 120FPS.

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