Prometheus trailer arrives

And so the last piece of the trailer week jigsaw falls into place, as the first full teaser for Prometheus arrives online. And do you know what? It might just be the most exciting of the lot.

The comparisons with Alien are only going to become louder in the wake of this scary new footage, in which our crew of intergalactic explorers clearly discover more than they had bargained for in the outer reaches of space.

Over-reaching ambition is clearly a major theme here, with a voiceover (from Noomi Rapace by the sounds of it) wailing, “it was so wrong…I’m so sorry!”, before the ominous tagline arrives: “they went looking for our beginning, what they found could be our end.”

Most exciting must be the alien environment uncovered by the crew, which look nothing short of breathtaking. Then there are the various images of large-scale mayhem that suggest our team’s mission is about to go very wrong indeed.

Take a look at the new trailer below…

In a nutshell, it looks every bit as epic, exciting and downright scary as we could have hoped. 1 June 2012 can’t come quickly enough…

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