Porcelain: Animated Graphic Novel Trailer

A little while ago, I reviewed Porcelain: A Gothic Fairy Tale , the first release by Improper Books ( here ). It’s an amazing book, filled with exactly the sort of beautiful, gentle horror that all the best fairytales have. Now, to celebrate it being offered to comic shops worldwide, Improper have launched a book trailer for it. Here it is;

The thing I love about that is that it shows the clean lines of Chris Wildgoose’s art, the precision, detailed colour work and most of all the motion. That sequence with Child climbing down the tree is vital to the book and seeing it in motion neatly demonstrates how Benjamin Read’s script leads you round the page. It’s an amazing book and it’s available now, in limited quantities, from Travelling Man and Page 45 . If you’re a Fables or a Neil Gaiman fan, if you like your fairytales with just a spatter of blood on the snow or if you just want to read a beautiful book, go and order it. My book of the year so far.

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