Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Raid Counters

Mega Charizard Y is returning to Mega Raids in Pokemon Go for a limited time. Trainers will want counters to battle it and earn as much Mega Energy as possible from it for a number of reasons.

The first reason, while it’s not as unique as its brother, Mega Charizard X, the Y Mega does give Pokemon Go trainers an option to boost the Fire and Flying-type attacks of their team when it is in Raid Battles. The second reason is that the Mega Energy earned from battles against Charizard Y can be used to Mega Evolve Charizard to its X form.

So however you plan to use the Mega Charizard Energy, battling Mega Charizard Y in the next few weeks will benefit you. Mega Charizard Y will be available in Mega Raids starting Tuesday, March 22 until Tuesday, April 5 and to help we’ve come up with this guide to assist in finding the best Pokemon to use against it.

Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Counters

Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Raid

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Mega Charizard Y retains regular Charizard’s Fire and Flying typing, making it weak to Water, Electric and Rock-type attacks. Rock attacks are the best way to take down Mega Charizard Y as it is four times weak to it. And luckily for trainers, Mega Aerodactyl is now in the game, giving them access to a powerful Mega who can boost the attacks of other Rock types on their team.

Going with a full Rock-type team with Mega Aerodactyl, Rhyperior and Tyranitar is a great way to take down this Pokemon easily. Throw in others like Terrakion or even Golem and Rampardos will really help.

Trainers looking to go the Water route will want to bring Mega Gyarados or Blastoise into battle. Gyarados hits a bit harder, but Blastoise is a great, relatively cheap option with access to Hydro Cannon. Round our your Water team with powerful Pokemon like Kyogre.

Electric-type users should bring Mega Manectric as it deals a lot of damage and is at least neutral to all of Mega Charizard’s attacks, more on that later. Round out your Electric team with powerful Pokemon like Zekrom.

Here’s a list of potential options to counter Mega Charizard Y in Pokemon Go.

Mega Charizard Y Counters Pokemon Moveset Mega AerodactylRock Throw and Rock SlideMega GyaradosWaterfall and Hydro Pump/Aqua TailMega BlastoiseWater Gun and Hydro CannonMega ManectricCharge Beam and Wild ChargeTyranitarTyranitarRhyperiorSmack Down and Rock WreckerRampardosSmack Down and Rock SlideTerrakionSmack Down and Rock SlideKyogreWaterfall and Hydro Pump/SurfZekromCharge Beam and Wild Charge

Mega Charizard Y Moveset

Charizard has a good variety of attacks at its disposal in Pokemon Go. Without the Community Day exclusive moves, Mega Charizard Y’s moveset is more limited but can still deal a lot of damage depending on the Pokemon trainers bring into battle.

Fire Spin and Air Slash are its main Fast Attacks, which Rock types will all resist. Electric types will also resist Mega Charizard Y’s Flying moves, while Water types will resist its Fire-type attacks.

As for Mega Charizard Y’s Charged Attacks, it has access to Fire Blast and Overheat and no Flying-type moves. It does have Dragon Claw, a Dragon-type attack, that can give it some coverage against non-Steel and Fairy types. This is why Mega Ampharos is not the best option as it is weak to Dragon Claw while it does resist its Fire-type attacks.

Zekrom is also weak to Dragon Claw so it may not last as long against Mega Charizard Y, but it’s a great option still.

Here’s a list of all the moves Mega Charizard Y can know in Pokemon Go Raids.

Pokemon Go Mega Charizard Y Moveset Fast Attack Charged Attack Fire SpinFire BlastAir SlashDragon ClawOverheat

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