PlayStation 3 update nixes Folding@home, adds Vita trophies

The latest PlayStation 3 system software update will shore up trophy support (again), but will also spell the end of Folding@home support on the system. The PlayStation Blog outlined the changes coming in version 4.30 on a new post today.

Folding@home will sunset along with the rest of the odd little Life with PlayStation suite, which offered news and weather updates across the globe much like the Wii’s dedicated channels. The program accumulated more than 100 million hours of distributed computing research for Stanford University’s studies into Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and various cancers since its launch in 2007. It will no longer be offered for download and its services will end by November.

(For reference, more than 200 million hours have been spent in online Halo matches since 2004, but let’s not read too much into what that says about us as people.)

It’s not all teary farewells to odd little apps we looked at every year or two: PlayStation 3 owners can now view trophies unlocked on PS Vita games on their PS3s, and trophy level progress is now automatically displayed when looking at the trophy list under the PlayStation Network heading.

The price of progress, we suppose.

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