PlayStation 3 players get first Call of Duty Elite content

PlayStation 3-owning Call of Duty fans get their first two payoffs for joining the franchise’s Elite platform today, with the release of the platform’s first two Content Drops. The Liberation and Piazza maps offer a long-range sniper’s playground in the militarized Central Park, and the claustrophobic corridors of an Italian seaside village turned battlezone.

Being a Sony fan, you’ll likely have shut your ears whenever 360 owners start talking about how these maps play – not that they’d have deigned to tell you anyway, because everyone knows Microsofts don’t talk to Sonies and vice versa. Unless these sort of petty fanboy politics don’t apply to you, of course, in which case you’ll know that your next Elite treat is the high-altitude Overwatch, due for PS3 release in the next few weeks.

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