Peaceful puzzler Dorfromantik gets its full release next month

Dorfromantik has been delighting players in Steam Early Access for a while, but it’s finally getting its full release on April 28 on PC. And not a moment too soon, if the critical and casual reception has been anything to go by.

The release date was announced at the Future Games Show, meaning players can soon look forward to discovering even more delights in the serene strategy game. The premise is simple enough, you place tiles from your stack to construct landscapes. Things get trickier when you come across a tile that comes with its own special requirements, like the windmill that needs to be connected to a certain number of grain fields. Whether you want a zen-like experience or want the thrill of fighting for an ever-higher score, Dorfromantik is one game you need to check out. 

Our own Sam Loveridge fell in love with the Toukana Interactive game when she played it in December.

“The more you place, the more your little world grows, with just the vaguest hints of life emerging from within it. A deer nibbles on a patch of grass, a windmill’s vanes turn slowly in the breeze against a sea of yellow fields, a flock of birds flies in a v from one side of the screen to another. It’s a serene way to build that’s the opposite of real-life – completely free of hustle, bustle, and drama.”

The game is available to buy in Early Access right now on Steam (opens in new tab), with the full release following on April 28. 

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