Paramount buys movie rights to DC Comics The Mighty

The Mighty

Paramount has pipped Warner Bros to the post by snapping up the movie rights to DC Comics’ The Mighty .

Though DC products usually go through WB on the way to the big screen ( Green Lantern , Batman Begins ), The Mighty creators Peter J Tomasi and Keith Champagne decided to sell the rights to their story to Paramount instead.

The Mighty centres on Lt. Gabriel Cole, who has worked his way to the top of Section Omega and has a childhood connection to superhero Alpha One.

When Alpha One reveals a shocking, dark secret, Cole heads up a mission to stop the renegade superhero from destroying Earth and all of its inhabitants.

It’s still really early days on the movie adaptation, with no screenwriter, director or star yet attached.

With Paramount having been responsible for distributing both Iron Man and Thor , though, you can bet they’ll treat The Mighty with respect.

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