Outriders length – how long is the Outriders campaign?

The Outriders length will differ depending on how you play, when you tackle side missions, and the like. You might blast through the Outriders campaign length in no time at all if you only tackle the main missions and don’t increase your world tier at every opportunity, but if you want to tick off everything as you go, then Outriders will take a lot longer to complete. Here’s everything you need to know about the Outriders length for the campaign, and if you tackle it with more than one class.

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Outriders length

Outriders length

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Thanks to an FAQ on the official Outriders site (opens in new tab), we know that on average, the Outriders length is “25-30 hours”. Sure, some players will blast through that over a long weekend, but for other more patient player and those looking to grind the Outriders campaign for loot, that playtime couldtake a few weeks.

As we mentioned, it all depends on how you play the game; the FAQ clarifies that the 25-30 hour ballpark is only for those who play through the Outriders campaign once, with a single class. However, if you tackle all of the side quests, post-campaign, and additional content, or play alt classes and characters you can easily double that playtime. Triple it if you start replaying missions at higher world tiers to get better loot.

Outriders is designed to be played however you like too, so don’t worry if you’re not the sort of person to grind out missions for slightly improved gear. You can find a lot of enjoyment by simply playing through the campaign once, whether you’re solo or with some pals. And for what it’s worth, the narrative is actually pretty strong and more than a good enough reason to pick it up.

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