OnLive offers free play and $1 games in Thanksgiving Frag Feast

OnLive is pressing the advantage gained by its well-received Batman: Arkham City demo, with a Thanksgiving weekend promotion offering free streaming rentals of selected titles and $1 games for new members. Until Nov 28, Red Faction: Armageddon and Homefront are available for free 5-day rental as part of OnLive’s Frag Feast. The promo also offers game discounts for new and existing members alike.

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Above: That’s a turkey which is also a grenade, surrounded by other, smaller, more grenade-shaped grenades. It took us a second too

Besides new members being able to unlock their first full game for $1, OnLive is highlighting daily deals on its Facebook page. Today’s bargain is 75% off Just Cause 2, bringing the full game down to $5. The Frag Feast’s free and cheap titles last until Nov 28, and are available only within the contiguous United States or the United Kingdom, where OnLive’s just launched. UK players envying your trans-Atlantic cousins’ orgy of poultry and gratitude, you finally have a pre-Christmas celebration to feel a part of. Be thankful for that.

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