Once Upon a Monster: Tim Schafer parties with Cookie Monster (jealous?)

What the heck is Cookie Monster doing advertising a kids’ game on a proper gaming website for adults? Two things: one, reminding you that Tim Schafer has a new game out next month, albeit one aimed mainly at people born after Psychonauts; and two, bringing Cookie Monster to the front page of GamesRadar because he’s freaking delightful. Seriously, lighten up: it’s not all gravel-voices and Desert Eagles out there, you know. This Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster thing is looking charming as you please.

Featuring Schafer in an advert for something aimed at people highly unlikely to recognize his work may seem counterintuitive: kids just don’t get what’s good about Brütal Legend, which is why hardly anyone under the age of 8 is employed in the copy-pool of major games publications. However, consider that while the game’s aimed at people whose main frame of reference is Sesame Street, and the clip targets people who prefer Full Throttle, the actual commercial being referenced was popular about ten years before Tim Schafer first picked up a mouse in any professional capacity.

So now you know what Schafer’s up to, how they used to advertise candy in the olden days, and that an Xbox 360 is an acceptable substitute for a cookie. This news item was brought to you by the letters G and R and the number 11/10, which is the date Once Upon a Monster releases for Kinect.

Aug 31, 2011

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