Not a joke: Schwarzenegger announces The Governator videogame, cartoon and 3D movie

Arnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed he will be turning his Governator namesake into a multi-media franchise. The bodybuilder-turned-actor-turned-governor is now turning to self parody as a means to rejuvinate his entertainment career, announcing plans yesterday to release a cartoon, 3D movie, and videogame…

Addressing the press at Cannes, Arnie detailed his Governator gameplan, stating, “First will come comic books, then a (animated) TV series and after that we will develop the games and then a movie. Maybe then we’ll be back in Cannes for that.”

The announcement was followed by a loud squishy noise which reporters later described as one hundred Cannes attendees rolling their eyes at once.

The comics and animated show are being developed in partnership with comic book legend Stan Lee, with the show and future 3D movie to be produced byA Squared Entertainment, (opens in new tab)a full-service brand company which has also overseen the creation and distribution of other animated hits like Warren Buffett’s “Secret Millionaire’s Club” and Martha Stewart’s “Martha and Friends.” Last but not least, Schwarzeneggeraims to release a videogame based on The Governator property, which he believes will be a crucial pieceof the franchise.

Considering Schwarzenegger spent a large part of his time in officelobbying against the distribution of violent media, expect either giant gobs of hypocrisy or a loveable Governator who fights crime with unicorns and positive thoughts.

A trailer for the Governator TV show appeared last Friday:

The Governator began as a nickname given to Schwarzenegger when he took office as the governor of California back in 2003, and refers to his history of playing badass heroes like The Terminator long before he got a taste for politics. Unlike his time-travelling cyborg persona, however, The Governator is a former politician who steps down from office and assembles a team of crime-fighting teens to battle “the global villainy and 21st century disasters that no one else is equipped to handle.”

To recap: A former world champion bodybuilder is working with Stan Lee on a new superhero franchise inspired by a nickname given to a real governor who used to play a fictional robot warrior. Having just typed that, I can honestly say Arnold Schwarzenegger is living my dream life.

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April 5, 2011

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