Nintendo reminds fans that Splatoon 3 is still on the way with a new website and screenshots

Nintendo has quietly uploaded some fresh-looking Splatoon 3 screenshots to its Japanese website. 

As pointed out by Nintendo Life (opens in new tab), the Splatoon 3 page on Nintendo’s Japanese website (opens in new tab) has been updated and now features some potential new screenshots of the upcoming game. Some of the images on the website did feature in a thread by the Splatoon North America Twitter account (opens in new tab) a few days ago however it appears that some of them haven’t been publically shown off just yet. 

Some of the new screenshots include an Inkling hanging out with the weird little fish friend in a snowy environment, an atmospheric shot of an Inkling standing on the edge of a skyscraper, a snap of three stylish Inkling characters grouped together, and more. 

Despite remaining mostly low-key about the game, Nintendo could be about to ramp up the Splatoon 3 promotion, especially considering Splatoon 3 is due to launch in summer 2022. In fact, pre-orders for the family-friendly third-person shooter are now live, we just don’t know exactly when to expect the game to be shipped out by as there hasn’t been a confirmed release date as of yet. 

That isn’t to say that fans don’t have an inkling of when the release date could be though as during the Splatoon 3 Nintendo Direct trailer back in February, it was spotted that the trailer contained a subtle QR code which, when followed, led fans to a screen which displayed the date August 18, 2022. Nintendo is yet to confirm this as the official release date yet though so it’s best to take that with a grain of salt. 

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