New Max Payne 3 Design and Technology video looks under the hood at the shooters tech

Rockstar usually keeps its hand close to its chest when preparing a new game for release, opting to hide the design behind cinematic trailers and cutscenes until after launch. With Max Payne 3, however, they seem fairly open to sharing its secrets beforehand, as displayed in this new “Design and Technology” video. It’s more of a “demonstration video” than a typical “trailer,” but it’s still chock-full of new gameplay footage to enjoy.

We’re not complaining, though – it looks absolutely marvelous. The video goes deep into the game’s shooting, promising to provide a first-person shooter level of accuracy without losing the third-person shooter perspective. This lets Rockstar maintain the series’ typical level of cinematic fidelity without sacrificing accuracy, which, obviously, is good for a game based around diving into rooms in slow motion and shooting gang members in the crotch with shotguns. Speaking of which, there’s a ton of raw footage of bullet-time, and it looks just like you remember it. Things turn grey, everything goes slow, and Max kills people with guns.

Ah, memories.

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