New image from The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy has debuted a new image online, featuring Jeremy Renner’s hero Aaron Cross going head to head with Ed Norton’s villainous suit, Byer.

From the footage we’ve seen in the trailer , it seems as though Byer is the operative in charge of Cross’s reprogramming as a ruthless killing machine, and is also the man whose job it is to bring him in when he attempts to leave the initiative.

Meanwhile, director Tony Gilroy has been explaining how the film will fit in with the rest of the franchise.

“Everything that happened before was not a dream,” he explains. “Everything that happened was completely real, but you thought you knew what was going on. You thought you were seeing the world, and this movie is telling you that there’s a much larger world, a much larger conspiracy beyond this.”

“The events of the other three films are incredibly present, but they’re not really in this very much,” he continues. “What happens in Ultimatum is really the spark that’s blowing open the door to this movie because the Jason Bourne story is exploding out into the public. Being impossible to conceal any further is causing problems for this much larger conspiracy. Ultimatum plays in the background of the very beginning of this film.”

In addition to that, Gilroy is also keen to stress that Aaron Cross is a very different proposition to Jason Bourne.

“The whole second film is about an apology,” he says. “It’s really about this guy trying to morally come to grips with the conflict between who he thinks he is and what he’s done. This character in [ Legacy ] has no moral conflict whatsoever. Jeremy Renner’s character has the reverse of amnesia. He knows exactly where he’s come from. He knows exactly what the stakes are if he doesn’t achieve his journey.”

The Bourne Legacy opens in the UK on 17 August 2012.

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