Moon Knight episode 5 ending: Marvel fans react to that “heartbreaking” death

Moon Knight fans have been reacting to episode 5’s final twist. Spoilers ahead.

Moon Knight’s latest episode picks up directly after the reveal that Marc has really been in an asylum this whole time. However, rather than the action-packed 50 minutes we’ve grown used to, the latest episode takes a deep dive into his backstory. 

Under the guidance of Taweret, Marc and Steven are transported on their journey to the afterlife following Arthur Harrow’s shooting. Now that they’re no longer one body, their hearts are to be weighed against the feather of Maat to see if they’ll be welcomed into the Fields of Reeds or sentenced to damnation. 

The hippo god urges Marc to try and balance his scales, by looking back into his past. Thus, his childhood trauma-filled journey begins. Through a series of flashbacks and visions, we learn of the heartbreaking way Marc’s brother dies, as well as his abusive relationship with his mother. We also got to see the moment Khonshu chose Marc as his avatar as he lay dying in the desert.

Moon Knight episode 5

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Moon Knight also finally reveals that Marc created Steven Grant as a way to cope as a young child – and how after being unable to attend his mother’s funeral, Marc retreats into Steven to cope.

However, despite all of their soul-searching, by the time they’d reached the gates of Osiris, the scales are still unbalanced. Taweret sadly confirms their souls will now be claimed by the creatures of the Duat, to freeze them on the desert planes.

As they climb aboard the boat, Marc and Steven attempt to fight them off but the latter is unable to escape, falling off the vessel and freezing to death. As Steven dies, Marc’s scales finally balance.

The heartbreaking final moment has left fans reeling over Steven’s fate. Some have been left wondering if he is really dead as well as what this means for the final episode of Moon Knight next week.

Moon Knight episode 5

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Reacting to his death, one fan wrote (opens in new tab) on Twitter: “Wait they can’t do that right?? They can’t kill off Steven like that, right???! We’re gonna see Steven next week, RIGHT??!” While another simply penned (opens in new tab): “This episode has broken my heart.”

Others admitted they’d been left in tears over the final moments of the episode, with one writing (opens in new tab): “#MoonKnight I have not stopped HORRENDOUSLY SOBBING oh MY GOD.” Writing to the show’s creators, another fan penned (opens in new tab): “You had one job Marvel, to not kill Steven and you failed miserably.” A third tweeted (opens in new tab): “As ever, Steven I love you.”

Some viewers are also still holding out hope Steven may not actually be dead. Next week is the finale of the Marvel show and the loose ends are expected to be tied up. Could the series surprise viewers and find a way to bring back Steven? One viewer (opens in new tab) certainly hopes so, tweeting: “No no I refuse to believe Steven is gone, he will return in the next episode Moon Knight.” Perhaps there’s a third personality involved?

Check out our guide to the Moon Knight release schedule to make sure you don’t miss the show’s finale next week. You can also check out all the confirmed releases for Marvel Phase 4 so far. If you’re not already, subscribe to Disney Plus here (opens in new tab).

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