Moon Knight episode 4 practically confirmed Jake Lockley fan theory

Moon Knight episode 4 featured some big revelations, including a huge hint the show may be about to introduce a whole new personality into the mix. Spoilers ahead.

After Marc wakes up in a mental institution near the end of episode 4, he meets Steven Grant for the first time in person. Steven can be seen hammering against a sarcophagus before Marc helps him escape. 

However, as the pair walk along the corridor, another tomb can be seen rattling with someone else trying to escape. Marc and Steven ignore this, but we’ve been left wondering if that might be Jake Lockley behind the lid. 

Ever since the first episode aired, we’ve been convinced there are more personalities than just Marc and Steven locked inside Oscar Isaac’s body. The biggest contender has been Jake, who is a rough-and-ready cab driver in the comic books

As with all of Marc’s personalities in the comics, Jake began as one of his disguises to help him infiltrate the criminal underworld. He later became a separate personality as a result of Marc’s dissociative personality disorder. 

He’s also known for his violent tendencies. An episode 3 clue now makes it seem even more likely that Moon Knight could soon introduce a version of Jake. In the last episode, Marc blacked out during a fight with Arthur Harrow’s men. When he wakes up, he finds the men dead at his feet, with no memory of their murder. Both Steven and Marc argue over the fact it was not them who did the killing, hinting that it was another personality entirely.

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Following the sarcophagus reveal in the latest episode, viewers took to social media to share their theories about Jake’s potential appearance. One wrote (opens in new tab): “Seeing Steven and Marc looking at [the Hippo God] Taweret was hilarious but seeing tomb shaking got me saying ‘LET JAKE LOCKLEY OUT!’ That twist at the end is insane!”

Another added (opens in new tab): “THE BIGGEST JAKE LOCKLEY TEASE YET YESSSSSS he’s absolutely coming in the next episode Oh My God I can’t wait to finally meet him once they free him from the sarcophagus Moon Knight.” While a third simply wrote (opens in new tab): “JAKE LOCKLEY I KNOW YOU’RE IN THAT TOMB.”

A new cryptic poster of a bingo card posted to the Marvel show’s official account could also be a tease about the character. This featured several numbers, a spot called “free space”, and the caption “B22”. The link here is seemingly to do with the fact that Jake is a keen bingo player in the comics.

We’ll have to wait until next week to see if Jake will make an appearance so check out our Moon Knight release schedule to make sure you don’t miss the episode. You can also take a look at our guide to all the upcoming Marvel Phase 4 releases. If you’re not already, subscribe to Disney Plus here (opens in new tab).

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