Matthew Vaughn first pick for X-Men: First Class sequel

Producer Lauren Shuler Donner was a little cagey when it came to talk of a sequel at yesterday’s press event for X-Men: First Class , but she did confirm that there is movement on the project.

“We’re talking about it. We’re in discussions,” she told

So will a new film in the series see Matthew Vaughn back in the director’s chair?

“Absolutely. I think everybody is on board with that,” she said enthusiastically. “He’s the one who brought the whole James Bond feel to the first film so he was a great choice and I wouldn’t want to do it without him.”

As to which X-Men characters might appear in a second film, all she could offer was a disappointing: “I can’t say.”

Lucas Till who plays Havok did confirm that he’s contracted to do another movie, although he couldn’t say when that will happen.

“I wish I knew! Because I would be telling you in a second to make sure they hit that deadline,” he explained.

He was more forthcoming about how he’d like to see his character develop, though.

“I’d like Hank to make me some gauntlets in the next one so I’m not shooting hula hoops out of my body. I’ve always liked the power of shooting it out of his hands. He does have the chest thing but I don’t want to look constipated every time I use my powers,” Till told

X-Men: First Class is released on DVD and Blu-ray on 9 September in the US and 31 October in the UK.

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