Lucky Space dev want to bring core gaming to Facebook

Located in San Mateo, CA, games studio A Bit Lucky is working on titles that may change the way you think about social games. Take a look at the company’s staff list, and you’ll see seasoned veterans from all corners of the games industry with collective experience from years spent working at companies like EA, Valve, Trion Worlds, and Activision. The team is made of many lifelong gamers who’ve spent years working on more mainstream titles targeting what is often called the “core gamer” audience (aka you) – and now it hopes to bring that “core-ness” to the Facebook platform with Lucky Space, which just launched today.

Billed as a “sci-fi building strategy,” Lucky Space charges you with exploring, building, and expanding a space colony as you join the modern day gold rush for a mysterious source of energy called “crystium.” The sprite art is gorgeous and the subtle animations for your buildings look great as you branch out, upgrade your colony, and watch it thrive. You even get a sense that there’s an “end-game” of sorts as you expand your area of operation and begin to see the horizon at the edge of the alien planet you’re colonizing, hinting at more to come.

Above: A before and after look at your colony

Above: Meteors are more of a mid-game threat

Sim City and Civilization were all cited as sources of inspiration for the team, and you can feel it once you start sinking some time into Lucky Space. There’s always something to click on. Whether it’s collecting resources, upgrading buildings, or pushing back the fog of war to reveal more of the map, there’s always another reason to keep playing for just a few more minutes. And for us, that’s always a good sign. Check out the launch trailer and see if you want to give Lucky Space a shot. It’s free fun that’s worth checking out, and you can try it here.

Sep 27, 2011

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