Live A Live demo launches today with progress carry-over

Live A Live is getting a demo later today on the Nintendo Switch.

Revealed earlier today during the Nintendo Direct Mini showcase for third-party games, Live A Live will be getting a full prologue demo later today on June 28. This comes with just less than a month to go until the final release of the remake, when Live A Live finally launches next month on July 22.

What’s more, the new demo for Live A Live will actually let you carry over your progress to the full version of the game when it launches next month. So however far you end up getting in this new prologue demo, you’ll just be able to pick up wherever you’re at come this time next month in July.

The demo will feature the regions of Imperial China, Twilight of Edo Japan, and the Distant Future. If you didn’t know, Live A Live actually takes place across multiple different time periods, and features various different protagonists, so you’re choosing where and when to play in the new remake.

As for the original game itself, Live A Live launched all the way back in 1994, so you’d be forgiven for not actually knowing about the game until relatively recently. The new remake puts a new shine of paint on the old RPG, giving it a new lease of life on a brand new platform. Giving a brand new audience the chance to experience an older, beloved game is never a bad thing.

Check out our Nintendo Direct Mini live coverage report for everything coming out of the brand new event. 

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