When is Lightyear on Disney Plus? Expected streaming release date

Lightyear is out now – and, unlike other recent Pixar movies like Turning Red, Luca, and Soul, it’s premiering in theaters instead of on Disney Plus. So, when will the latest Pixar title be available to watch on streaming?

The Toy Story spin-off is an origin story for the fictional spaceman that the action figure we know and love is based on, with Chris Evans voicing the character this time around. Buzz finds himself marooned on a planet 4.2 million lightyears away from Earth, and things are further complicated by the arrival of Emperor Zurg (James Brolin). The voice cast also includes Keke Palmer, Taika Waititi, and a voice cameo from astronaut Tim Peake. 

When is Lightyear releasing on Disney Plus?

While we don’t have an official Disney Plus release date yet, we’ve done our best to estimate. Eternals arrived on the streamer 70 days after its theatrical release, while Black Widow dropped 90 days after arriving in cinemas (though the movie was simultaneously released on streaming at an additional cost of $30 at the same time as reaching cinemas). However, Disney’s most recent theatrical release, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, is coming to Disney Plus only 48 days after it first arrived on the big screen. 

We can expect Lightyear to release somewhere in that window, then – but it’s a pretty big window. The movie releases on June 17, so 48 days from then takes us to August 4. At the other end of the window, 90 days after June 17 is September 15. It’s likely, then, that Lightyear will arrive on Disney Plus sometime this August. We’ll keep you updated as soon as a Disney Plus release date is announced, so stay tuned. 

For more on Lightyear, check out our interview with the Pixar movie’s cast and filmmakers.

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