Todays best Lego Baby Yoda deals – heres where to find The Child set for less

There was a time when we couldn’t get Baby Yoda merch for love nor money, and now it’s hard to move for toys like the Lego Baby Yoda set (officially titled ‘The Child’). Fortunately, this kit was worth the wait. It’s arguably one of the best Lego sets on cute-factor alone.

So, where can you get your paws on it? While Lego Baby Yoda is often on offer, you need to know where to look. That’s where our bargain-hunting software comes in. It scours the internet for the lowest possible price every 30 minutes, all so you don’t have to. You’ll find the results below, but ideally, you want to match or better $63.99 / £45.99 – that’s the biggest discount we’ve seen for Lego The Child, and one of the better Lego deals of the last few months overall.

Even if you can’t get the lowest price, picking up this set is worth your while. Recreating the beloved Disney Plus character in miniature (it’s 7.5 inches tall), this Lego Baby Yoda is 1,073 pieces strong and boasts posable parts that include its ears, mouth, and head. The pack also features a small information plaque for those that want to display the adorable gremlin in pride of place amongst their other Lego Star Wars sets. There’s even a little gearshift knob toy for him to hold, not to mention a teeny Baby Yoda minifig to go with the kit.

Ready? Here are today’s prices for Lego Baby Yoda.

Lego Baby Yoda deals

Lego’s been busy making blocky versions of our favorite franchises for years (the resulting sets are superb Star Wars gifts), so there are more than a few kits worth checking out – as an example, the Lego Super Mario sets are a blast. They make excellent gifts for gamers.

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