New trailer for eerie underwater puzzle game Silt is ready to give you seriously stylish nightmares

Silt, a monochrome and rather surreal underwater puzzler from developer Spiral Circus, got a rather stylish and nerve-wracking new trailer as part of today’s Future Games Show

You play as a diver, exploring alone to discover what long-buried mysteries, ruins, and other surprises can be found in the depths. But, there’s a twist. You can possess the sea creatures that you find down there, making use of their abilities to solve puzzles and progress further through the greyscale aquatic landscapes. 

They’re not your average sea creatures either, as the depths have warped and changed these beings, which lurk amongst unexplored ruins and seemingly ancient machinery. 

And the same goes for the ones that protect it. Because Silt isn’t just about exploring, as you’ll also have to work to survive. Gigantic sea creatures don’t appreciate your presence, and will make that known with a flash of their jaws overfilled with teeth.

Silt’s monochromatic aesthetic will certainly draw some comparisons to Limbo and there’s just a hint of Machinarium in there too. But there’s also a slenderness to Silt’s environment that makes it even creepier. 

Of course, there’s also the fact that down in the depths, what little light there mainly comes from the beam of your scuba helmet, complemented by the glimmer of aquatic bioluminescence. Well, or the warning glow of something horrible. 

This one is going to be seriously atmospheric!

Dropping on an undisclosed date in Spring 2022, Silt will be available on PC via Steam and you can wishlist it right now (opens in new tab).

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