Iran is the first country to ban Pokemon Go over “security concerns”

Unfortunately no one in Iran is going to be able to finish their Pokedex. It’s the first country in the world to issue an official ban of Pokemon Go (opens in new tab). As reported by the BBC (opens in new tab), the High Council of Virtual Spaces has taken the decision due to “safety concerns.” 

The High Council, yes it’s a real thing, is the official organisation that deals with all internet activity. It had been previously reported that the council had been waiting to see how co-operative Niantic would be to work with authorities regarding its concerns. This obviously hasn’t happened and a ban is now in place. 

There are no other country wide black outs of the app but Indonesia has banned police officers from playing, and authorities in New York state have announced that they were banning 3000 registered sex offenders from playing while on parole. 

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