iPhone game of the day: Sword of Fargoal – Commodore 64-era dungeon grinder refuses to die

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In most dungeon crawlers, you’re strapped up with a full suit of armor, handed a shiny sword and a few potions, and sent wandering down into smelly, monster-ridden catacombs with the expectation you’ll never be seen or heard from again. It’s like a cheap hero disposal service. That’s not quite the case in Sword of Fargoal. While it plays a lot like many other rogue-likes, this monster slaying adventure actually has a purpose beyond looting ruins (and inevitably causing you to perishing in the process). You must find the mighty sword of legend and escape the dungeon with both it and your hide intact. It’s easier said than done, considering the dungeon itself tries to kill you once you’ve laid hands on your prize.

With your newly-summoned hero ready to go, you%26rsquo;ll explore the foggy hallways of winding caverns by flicking or dragging your finger in the direction you want to move. The Sword of Fargoal is located somewhere on the 20th floor of the randomly generated dungeon. A maze of misty hallways and dangerous creatures lies between you and your bounty. When running into baddies, flicking in their direction causes your warrior to auto-attack until your foe is vanquished or you%26rsquo;re slain. Magic spells and other goodies you pick up can be easily managed in your inventory, and your health gradually restores as you walk around.

Spending gold at temple spots you find enables you to gain extra experience, and level-grinding is a constant necessity in order to keep from being totally mauled when you step on a teleport trap and wind up smack dab in the middle of a room full of nasty brutes. While you%26rsquo;ll probably die numerous times before even getting close to tracking down the fabled sword, this Commodore 64 re-make is chock full of replayability. If you do manage to nab the mighty blade, get ready to run like hell for the exit.

Mar 31, 2011

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