Infinity Blade 2 announced, coming out December 1

Today’s Apple press conference ended the iPhone 4S (sorry, iPhone 5 believers) being revealed. The new device packs an extremely powerful punch, especially when compared to the current generation of iOS devices. With a better battery life, improved camera, and dual-core processor, it’s set to make whatever you’re currently carrying around feel like a useless brick later this month. But a dual-core processor doesn’t mean anything if there isn’t something to take advantage of it, and during Apple’s conference Tim Cook of Epic took the stage to show off what his company was able to cook up using the new hardware: Infinity Blade 2. Oh, and it’s coming out on December 1.

Epic Games claims that it has been able to leverage the incredible processing power of the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch to create an even stronger visual experience than the original, which looked better than anything else ever released on phones. It’s also going to support iCloud, which lets you transfer save games and profiles between devices. iCloud support might sound useless, but being able to save a game on an iPad and pick it up on the go with an iPhone definitely sounds cool (transfarring, anyone?). It also means that it should work on a wide variety of iOS devices, and not just the new iPhone, meaning your older iPad and iPod Touch might be able to play when it releases in December. It just might not look as good, which, you know, makes sense.

Infinity Blade 2 is said to add dozens of new locations, as well as enhancing the gameplay of the original. An expanded story, new bosses, and the inclusion of new online features such as “Clash Mob,” which is said to allow gamers to participate in massively social challenges to unlock new items and weapons, make this sequel one that just made its way towards the top of our list.

Oct 4, 2011

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