Heres when youll be able to play Immortals Fenyx Risings third and final DLC pack, The Lost Gods

Immortals Fenyx Rising third and final DLC pack, The Lost Gods, will release on April 22.

Expected to change up Immortals in a big way with top-down “god’s eye” exploration and brawler combat, the new story chapter introduces us to Ash, who travels to Pyrite to find and unite the gods, including Poseidon and Hades, who fled Olympos way back at the beginning of the main story quest. 

This is the final planned DLC pack for Ubisoft’s Greek odyssey. At the beginning of this year, A New God kicked off the expansion offerings with legendary trials based around the Greek Gods, and just a few weeks back, Myths of the Eastern Realm DLC – inspired largely by Chinese mythology – dropped, too.

In Myths of the Eastern Realm (opens in new tab), you play as Ku who’s on a journey for the Goddess Nawa to restore the balance between heaven and Earth. In his quest to save humanity, Ku encounters ancient Chinese deities, battle ferocious new monsters, and experience new puzzle mechanics like directing the wind via windmills throughout his journey.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is out now for PC, PS4, PS5 (opens in new tab), Xbox One, Xbox Series S (opens in new tab), Xbox Series X (opens in new tab), and Google Stadia. The DLC is available either through the game’s Season Pass alongside the first DLC, or purchasable separately on its own.

If you’re looking to pick up Ubisoft’s game at the lowest price possible, head over to our Immortals Fenyx Rising price guide (opens in new tab) for a litany of options.

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