Ghost stories and haunted pubs

Scared of ghosts? See through the spooks with our Paranormal special edition, on sale now

If you’re looking for something to buy in the January sales, then remember there’s still time to get the latest SFX special edition Paranormal pack. It’s on the high street now but you can also order it, with free delivery, below.

It comes with three fun free gifts: an exclusive key ring , a sheet of gothic stickers and an amazing cult movie 2012 calendar . (A free calendar is often requested by SFX readers so we hope you like this one.)

Highlights inside the glossy 124-page mag include new short stories by top writers Simon Clark and novelist James Lovegrove. We examine your favourite ghost stories (from MR James and Charles Dickens to Ghostbusters and Paranormal Activity ), speak exclusively to Being Human creator Toby Whithouse about the new series of the hit BBC Three show, quiz the director of the current Woman In Black movie adaptation (trailer below), put the so-called “sexiest man in spiritualism” Derek Acorah on the spot and explore the ten best episodes of Supernatural .

Also in your magazine:

If you prefer your scares to be more cerebral than the current fashion for zombies and vampires allows, you enjoy books and comics as much as TV and film, and you think long winter evenings are perfect for sharing spooky stories, then this is the magazine for you.

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See some of the things people are saying about it online:

“Congratulations on an excellent magazine. As a horror fan I am finding loads of great stuff in the paranormal special, especially if you like horror fiction. The two short stories are excellent. Can you make it monthly?!” – Blackabyss

“Just got it today and it’s a fantastic read – especially all the short stories” – KevTheLostDoctor

“Looks interesting, with articles on the Carnacki stories (and a new short story by Simon Clark) , The Stone Tape , the supernatural in Doctor Who and tons more” – kissoffboardy

We’ve just noticed it’s already going for £14.99 on eBay (!) but you can still get it from us at the original price, thank goodness: order a copy (with free delivery) here online (opens in new tab) . And if you got an Apple iPad or new iPhone or iPod Touch for Christmas, why not read it on Apple Newsstand now?

If you need more convincing you and can watch a short flick-through video trailer too:

Pick up SFX Collection 53: The Paranormal today (opens in new tab) .

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