Guillermo del Toro confirms Orphanage remake will be different

Guillermo del Toro says the US remake of The Orphanage will be a different film to the Spanish horror he produced.

“Even when we produced the Spanish movie I had intended to remake it because we had a very different screenplay that, because of money and time, got turned into the movie you saw,” del Toro told Fangoria.

Even though the 2007 film by director Juan Antonio Bayona was a critical and commercial success, del Toro says the remake will have the funds to achieve the story’s full onscreen potential.

“There was this other structure for the original script I wanted to try. So even before we shot the first film it was an economic decision, a pre-existing creative decision, to change it.”

Production could start soon as a director is already on board and actors are being considered.

“We have Mark Pellington attached as director – I’m a big fan of his The Mothman Prophecies and his video work – and we are out to actors, so we’re hoping to get things going soon,” del Toro added.

At Sundance 2011 Pellington told Total Film the remake script was an improvement over the original.

“It’s the same story but I felt like the script is better,” he said.

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