Become the Bond villain youve always wanted to be with new GTA Online update

You can’t keep a good bad guy down. But then, the world of GTA Online (opens in new tab) wouldn’t be as much fun if you could. And for those career criminals out there, the upcoming Executives and Other Criminals (opens in new tab) update will help keep you on top. Among other things, it adds Vinewood Hills mansion homes, decadent new cars (including a limousine with a turret gun), and the ability to hire henchmen. Basically, starting December 15, you’ll be able to become a Bond villain.

The Executives and Other Criminals update will also come with the new Adversary mode, Extraction. In this rescue mission scenario, player-controlled bodyguards to must find and secure their boss (whose private jet has crashed somewhere on the map) before an opposing team of hitmen can execute the VIP.

Personally, though, I’m all about that super yacht. Who needs to be a criminal when you’ve got a jacuzzi on the poop deck?

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