GTA 5 Letter Scraps locations

GTA 5 letter scraps have been blown all over Los Santos and Blaine County, but if you listen carefully you might just hear them rustling in the wind when you’re near one of them. There are 50 of these sheets in total blowing in the breeze, and they’re so much more than just collectibles in GTA 5. By rounding them all up, you can piece together a confession letter written by the murderer of Vinewood starlet Leonora Johnson, and reveal their identity so they can finally be brought to justice. If you’re ready to take a turn as a detective, then we’ve got all of the GTA 5 Letter Scraps locations you need to solve the mystery.

GTA 5 Letter Scraps: North Blaine County

1: At the Procopio beach rest stop, go towards the beach and you will come to a small log building. At the far side, towards the ocean, the scrap will be there.

2: Inside “Dignity Village” go to the left and then right to enter the tent with a banner that says “Social Justice for All”.

3: Along the east coast, just south of Mount Gordo, there is a small house and a lighthouse on an island. Go over to the lighthouse and the scrap will be on the walkway surrounding it.

4: At the northern edge, in the middle of Grapeseed, look for three long canopies in a field. There will be two white ones and a green one in the middle. Look in the white one on the right to find the scrap.

5: Go to the east docks at the north shore of Alamo Sea and there will be a fishery there. Look for the boat trailer to the right of the fishery and the scrap will be on the ground there.

6: To the northwest side of Alamo Sea, there will be three small outcroppings from the shore. Look on the farthest west one and there will be a wooden boat. Just to the left of that will be the scrap.

7: When you get to the dirt road that runs along the south of Cassidy Creek, you will be able to over look another dirt road down below. While on the upper road, look for the highest peak on the north side of the cliff face and get to the top of it. You may need to ride a quick bike to get up or take a chopper as the sides are pretty steep. The scrap will be on top of it once you get up.

8: When you enter the Altruist camp, follow the path up to the radio tower and there you will find the scrap on the ground near the base of the tower.

9: On the small road that leads east to the lumberyard, stop at the bend in the road that turns right and look for the scrap on the ground to the left of the road next to a large rock and some trees.

10: At the top of Mt. Chiliad, there is a gondola station. Look inside it on the catwalk towards the front to find the scrap there.

11: At the house with the white railing and open umbrella on the second story patio, go up the stairs to reach the top patio and the scrap will be on the deck there.

12: To the north of Paleto Bay, there is a house beside the Pay n Spray there that has a collapsed back roof. Look inside the small room at the rear of the house to find the scrap.

GTA 5 Letter Scraps: South Blaine County

13: Head to the rundown motel and in the back, in the empty swimming pool you will find the scrap.

14: Near the south airstrip at the Sandy Shore airport, there is a large round rock that looks like a coiled up poop. Climb on top of it and at the very top will be this scrap.

15: Enter the Stoner Cement Works plant, just west of the Sandy Shores airport and there will be a ladder on the left side, near the center of the building. Climb all the way up to the roof to find the paper there.

16: Go to the Valley Hill Church to the north of Great Chaparral and there will be a cemetery on the north side. The paper will be on the ground in front of three crosses.

17: Just west of the church, along route68, you will come to a small bridge before you reach the gun and clothing stores. Stop at the bridge and then go around to look under it where the scrap will be.

18: This one can be rather difficult to find, but it helps greatly if you stick along the southern shore of the swamp. As you get near the west edge, there will be three inlets that reach north. You can find the scrap directly right of the eastern most inlet.

19: Make your way to this small winding road and make your way south along it from route 68. When you get to the first curve in the road, stop and get out of your car. In the side of the rock face, there will be a wooden door. Depending on where you’re standing though it can be blocked by trees. Look for the wooden door and the scrap will be on the ground to the left of it.

20: When you reach this farm house located just southeast of Harmony, look behind the billboard to find the scrap.

21: When you reach the construction site here, go to the northwest side to see a large cylinder being built behind orange fencing. In the center of the circular floor will be an opening with the scrap inside it.

22: Just north of the power station, along the eastern beach, there is a rather large cave that you can enter from the water. Inside will be a boat and the scrap you want on the left side. You’ll need to go all the way into the cave to see it.

GTA 5 Letter Scraps: North Los Santos

23: There are two small islands just east of the power plant, along the east coast. The scrap of paper can be found on the northern most island. To make things easier on yourself, be sure to take a chopper over there.

24: In the Vinewood Hills, follow the trail up to the top of the large hill just north of the Observatory. When you get up there, you will find a rest stop with a “Big O” stand. The scrap will be on the ground in front of it.

25: Head to the huge Vinewood Sign in the Vinewood Hills and climb up the “I” in the sign. As soon as you reach the top, you will collect the scrap.

26: Enter the backyard of the house there will a kidney shaped pool. Once in the backyard, go to the east side and there will be an open door leading to a room with a ping pong table. Just inside the door will be the scrap.

27: Head along route 11 leading south from Tonga Valley and you will come to a fruit stand on the side of the road. Stop there and the scrap will be on the ground in front of the map sign.

28: Oh a hedge maze! When you reach the Kortz Center on the top of the Pacific Bluffs, go to the rear of the first building and go down the stairs to enter the hedge maze. When you enter, make a left, right, right, left, left, and a final left to find the scrap on the ground.

29: In Chumash, there is an ocean side hotel along the Great Ocean Highway. Head over to it and go to the pool and bar area in the back. To the south of the patio area, there will be a bar with the scrap sitting on it.

30: Head to the cemetery here and you will see a small patch of water on the map. Go to it and the scrap will be in the center of the small island there.

31: Go to the movie lot and head to the southwest corner where the globe is on the roof. Climb the stairs there to get up to the catwalk and find the scrap on the ground between some electrical units.

32: Look for the apartment building in this area where you can take the stairs up to a half circle courtyard. Look on the edge of it to find the scrap there.

33: Head to the construction site just north of the Del Perro highway with a large yellow crane. Go to the lower part of the site and near the center will be a rectangular hole. The scrap will be inside.

34: There is super tall yellow construction crane located here. You need to get yourself all the way to the very top of it to collect the scrap of paper. Get to climbing! It takes a while!

35: Make your way to the roof of the Hawaiian Snow building via the back alley and there will some skateboard ramps there. Look in the center of the half-pipe for the letter.

36: Head to the race track and make your way up the stairs to the seats. Go to the second section from the south and then check the fourth row back. The scrap will be on the ground there.

37: If you have done the “Under the Bridge” exercises, then this bridge should be well known to you. Look for the scrap on the edge of the center platform points towards the northeast.

GTA 5 Letter Scraps: South Los Santos

38: For this scrap, go all the way to the end of the Del Perro Pier and look for Pearls restaurant on the right side. The scrap will be on the second floor, so get up there, take the stairs to the right of the medical building and then cross the bridge over to the restaurant.

39: in Vespucci, just west of the tennis courts, where the water surrounded houses are, go down the stairs to the water and look under the bridge to the south. The scrap will be in the center ledge.

40: Make your way to Vespucci beach and look for the skaters hanging out at the empty pools along the board walk. When you spot it, hop in and the scrap will be at the bottom of the bowl.

41: At the south end of the airport on the ground floor, look beside the red LSIA sign and in front of the blue sets to find the scrap on the ground there.

42: for this scrap, you’ll need to get yourself up to the circular platform underneath the odd looking structure in the center of the airport. To get up there, you’ll need to land a chopper or go for a parachute dive.

43: At the port of Los Santos, look for the green and blue tug boat that is in dry dock. Board the boat and the scrap will be at the front of the boat in front of the cabin.

44: Make your way to Grove St. and look behind this house for the scrap. Grove St. 4 Life.

45: Drive to the Mega Mall and look inside the large green dumpster in the parking lot.

46: On the Vespucci Blvd bridge, look inside the archway on the bridge just before you get to Popular St.

47: At the Elysian Fields highway, north of the terminal to the south, there is a train tunnel just to the west. It is a separate track beside the freeway that makes a turn to the north. Jump on the train tracks and run through the tunnel going north. Eventually you will come to an alcove on the left with some boxes and the scrap will be there.

48: Make your way to the Terminal at the south part of the city and go to the large cargo lifter where some guys are standing around. Climb to the top and then drop down to the purple container below. Go west across a white contain and then jump over to a blue container where the scrap is.

49: Make your way to the car scrap yard in the oil fields and inside the middle building on the right, there will be a small office. Look to the side of the building to see half of a bus and the scrap will be inside.

50: On the very east coast, just east of the Palomino Highlands, there is a small island. Look to the north end, on the east side of it to find the scrap of paper there.

Congratulations – you’ve found all of the letter scraps. Now use Franklin to visit the new Strangers and Freaks mission marker that’s appeared in Vinewood Hills to confront the killer.

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