Grand Theft Auto V new screenshot, character details

The next trailer for GTA 5 is arriving next week, but we already have a new screen and details about its protagonist thanks to ShortList Magazine. Gematsu spotted details from the magazine’s coverage of the game compiled by GTAForum goers.

The new screen shot depicts a man who bears a strong resemblance to the presumed narrator of the game’s first trailer (himself theorized to be modeled after and voiced by actor Ned Luke). The man is riding a presumably stolen Los Santos lifeguard Jet Ski as he points a submachine gun offscreen.

The screenshot, posted atop a ShortList contest to win one of the game’s promotional picture viewers, was evidently accompanied by a little bit of character background. The protagonist is an East Coast gangster who tries to escape his life of crime by moving to Los Santos, only to be inevitably pulled back in (this is a Rockstar game, after all).

The blurb certainly jives with the little bit of exposition given in the first trailer’s voice over. It remains to be seen whether the gangster-gone-good-gone-bad will be the game’s only protagonist, or if other stories will also be depicted. Hopefully it will all get a lot clearer tomorrow, when Game Informer plans to reveal its cover story on the game.

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