Google rumoured to be creating games console

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab), software behemoth Google is planning to release a games console. The article claims that the console will be Android powered, and will act as a direct rival to Apple, who is allegedly making plans to launch a similar Apple TV device that will play games.

The report also suggests that, in addition to the console, Google is also working on a cutting-edge wristwatch, which will allow users to play media on the move. We already know that Google has a second version of the Android powered, Nexus-Q in development.

What does all this mean for us? Microsoft and Sony have both made it clear that their respective consoles are aiming to dominate the living room by being much more than just ‘games players’. If this report is accurate, it looks like there will be a little more competition for space under your TV, although Google’s console is unlikely to play true next-generation games–its Android architecture is currently built for tablet / phone style titles. Nintendo isn’t safe either. A media-enabled wristwatch could provide competition for their handheld devices.

Even more intriguing, The Wall Street Journal piece suggests that one of Google’s devices could be available as early as autumn 2013.

Both Google and Apple have declined to comment.

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