Genshin Impact is giving out 400 Primogems a week to make up for the update 2.7 delay

Genshin Impact update 2.7 could arrive as late as June 7 following a COVID-related delay, but the good news is players will get 400 Primogems a week until the patch is released. 

Developer Hoyoverse confirmed its mid-delay compensation plans in a new blog post (opens in new tab). Every week leading up to the release of update 2.7, players will receive 400 Primogems, one Fragile Resin, seven Hero’s Wit XP cards, 16 Mystic Enhancement Ores for weapons, and 120,000 Mora by mail. The first freebie bundle will arrive on May 11, with future drops coming every Wednesday.

Shortly before announcing the free stuff which will be given out to tide players over, Hoyoverse confirmed (opens in new tab) the updated event lineup for update 2.6 now that it’s been extended. The surprise third phase of the update will continue the current featured banners for Kamisato Ayaka and her Mistsplitter Reforged sword, and we’ll also see a new event, “Spices from the West,” beginning May 14. This event will run through June 7 and is the last item on the current calendar, and since we’ve never seen events span multiple versions, this suggests update 2.7 will arrive around the time it ends. 

That said, it’s worth noting that the timing around the revised update 2.7 release date is still a bit murky. For example, Ayaka’s in-game banner now says it will end “before version 2.6 ends” and doesn’t specify an exact duration. 

In its compensation announcement, Hoyoverse was also quick to clarify that “if the period between the 2.7 Version update and the previous weekly compensation for delayed update is less than a week, the final weekly compensation will be adjusted accordingly.” This suggests that the release date for the new update is still in flux, and could fall outside the game’s usual Tuesday cycle. 

If update 2.7 does end up launching on June 7 as expected, players will rake in upwards of 1,600 free Primogems to carry into the new content. However, this date is still up in the air. We’ve reached out to Hoyoverse for clarification and will update our reporting if we hear back.  

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