Free Guy Easter eggs: every major video game reference and cameo

Free Guy is now on Disney Plus, which means you can spend hours and hours poring over every scene and frame in the hopes of discovering a hard drive’s worth of Easter eggs. Our guide is here to be your own personal cheat code.

You see, Free City isn’t just home to Ryan Reynolds’ uniformly beige NPC, Guy. It’s also teeming with nods to some of your favorite video games, some impossibly hard-to-recognize cameos, and wider Easter eggs from pop culture – and that’s without mentioning everything that takes place outside of the virtual world of Soonami’s monster hit in Free Guy.

From Fortnite to Star Wars, and even a few cheeky backslaps for Ryan Reynolds’ own career, here are all of the biggest Free Guy Easter eggs. It’s a perfect companion for those wanting to rewatch it again with their eyes wide open and their minds blown.

Free Guy Easter eggs

Fortnite: Flossing and pickaxes

Fortnite Rainbow Royale

(Image credit: Epic Games)

It’s perhaps no surprise to see Fortnite have a presence in Free Guy. It is, after all, one of the world’s biggest and most enduring games.

One of the battle royale’s signature moves, the ‘Floss’ dance, is performed by one of Free City’s player characters. It was popularized by the Epic release and invented by teenager Russell Horning in 2017.

But that’s not the only Fortnite Easter egg. During Guy’s Easter egg-laden duel with Dude, he uses a pickaxe from Fortnite. If you want to get granular, it’s specifically the Rainbow Smash pickaxe. No, you’re a Fortnite nerd.

Star Wars and Marvel references

The Mandalorian

(Image credit: Disney Plus)

We’ll be surprised if you missed these. Guy seriously beefs up his arsenal in his final act battle with Dude, pulling out not only a lightsaber, but also blocking one of Dude’s punches with Captain America’s shield. That led to one of the movie’s biggest cameos – which you can find out about later on this list…

Valve Easter eggs: Portal and Half-Life weapons


(Image credit: Valve)

Valve may have slowed down its game output considerably in recent years, but its prior titles are still beloved. Two of its best, Portal and Half-Life, get shoutouts in Free Guy. Again, during Guy’s battle with Dude, he pulls out a Gravity Gun (first seen in Half-Life 2) to battle the bothersome (and beefy) doppelganger. The Portal Gun (from Portal) is also used here – but is first seen in the hands of Millie/Molotov Girl during a stakeout on Free City’s mysterious compound.

Mega Buster

Mega Man

(Image credit: Capcom)

Once Guy and Millie enter the compound later in the movie, they’re confronted by a gauntlet of respawning enemies. Guy levels the playing field with an ace up his sleeve, a weapon that looks remarkably similar to Mega Man’s iconic blaster.

The Mega Buster, first introduced in 1987, has undergone several iterations – and has the ability to unleash a fearsome Charge Shot, as Reynolds’ Guy does in the movie.



(Image credit: Namco Bandai)

In the real world, the beleaguered ex-developer Keys (Joe Keery) has a pretty humble abode – at odds with his killer game idea that was hoovered up by Taika Waititi’s Antwan.

But he still keeps his gaming roots close. In one scene, you can see a Pac-Man hologram in his apartment. It’s blue, too, so it may well be the ghost Inky. Yes, they have names.

Famous streamers


(Image credit: Jacksepticeye (YouTube))

Several real-life streamers react to Guy’s sudden levelling up in Free City throughout the course of the movie. The most prominent (for those over the age of 30) are Ninja, Pokimane, and Jacksepticeye.

Familiar movie posters

Ryan Reynolds in Deadpool

(Image credit: 20th Century Fox)

Red Vines-eating streamer Keith is shown at a handful of points in the movie. In one scene, you can check out the movie posters that adorn his bedroom wall: Avengers: Infinity War, Rick and Morty, and a certain Deadpool all feature. Does that mean Ryan Reynolds exists in the world of Free Guy? Much to ponder.

Surprise cameos: The Rock, Chris Evans, Hugh Jackman, and more

Knives Out

(Image credit: Lionsgate)

Let’s get the big (and most obvious) one out of the way first. Chris Evans is playing himself and reacts in surprise after seeing the Captain America shield used by Guy during a worldwide stream. (Director Sean Levy told GamesRadar+ about how Evans’ cameo came together.)

Channing Tatum shows up as an impossibly cool player character – and fanboys over Guy during a transaction.

Elsewhere, John Krasinski voices the silhouetted gamer who appears in a montage of people reacting to Guy’s ascent in Free City. Hugh Jackman also has a voice cameo early on – as the masked man killed by Molotov Girl for asking too many questions about the intel she’s looking for. Dwayne Johnson, meanwhile, repays Ryan Reynolds’ cameo in Hobbs & Shaw by voicing a bank robber, while Tina Fey is the mother of Keith. She interrupts his stream by vacuuming in the background – and finds a nasty surprise in the form of a certain sock…

Free Guy now on Disney Plus. From more from the streamer, check out the best movies on Disney Plus.

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